Review: Talk British to Me by Robin Bielman

Review: Talk British to Me by Robin Bielmanby Robin Bielman
Published on 19 June 2017
Published by Entangled
Source: NetGalley

Copy for review provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

As the Dating Guy on L.A.‘s top morning show, I give the single guy’s perspective on dating, love, and sex—and I give great advice. Everyone’s hooking up…well, except for me. Sure, I can get any woman I want, but I’ve got a “no relationship” clause in my contract and the only woman I want has “relationship” written all over her. Probably stamped on her ass, too. And wouldn’t I like to confirm that.

Unfortunately, she wants nothing to do with me. At all. Something about the next Ice Age might have even come up in her rebuttal. Adorable. Because she’s determined to ignore what one simple kiss proved: she wants me as badly as I want her.

Everything in me is screaming to go after her, but I’ve got a secret that I’m fairly certain will end up with her roasting my nuts over an open fire. So, job on the line? Check. Nuts on the line? Check. Can’t get her out of my head? Nail…meet coffin. But what a way to go…

Robin Bielman is a familiar name to me in the world of contemporary romance, with her Secret Wishes and Kisses in the Sand series being particular favorites. This is her first new adult novel (with a heroine who will be familiar to readers of the Secret Wishes series), about a radio show host and the young woman whom he’d like to be more than just a friend.
Mateo has it made if dating women and revealing his secrets of success as ‘Bennett’ the Brit on a radio talk show (with a convincing fake British accent that has all his listeners swooning) is any indication. It’s in his contract that he can’t reveal who he is when he’s working on his ‘research’ and for a single guy not looking for commitment it’s just what he wants. Until he meets Teague.

Teague is working at a coffee shop, taking online courses towards her goal of being a travel journalist after moving to L.A. from Oregon. The big city costs big money though, so she’s recently taken on some extra hours for one of her usual coffee delivery stops, a hard-nosed wedding planner. Teague initially meets Mateo at a bar where they hit it off, and discover they have some mutual friend connections. Teague isn’t looking for a good time. She wants a real relationship and Mateo is bound by the rules of his secret contract to play the field. They decide to be friends, a decision complicated when they find out that Teague is working for none other than Mateo’s mother! The sexual attraction between them makes a friends with benefits relationship look pretty attractive, even for Teague. But soon it will put Mateo’s job on the line when he’ll have to choose between keeping his dating show host role or admitting to Teague that he wants to be more than just friends.

I enjoyed this sweet, sexy and fun romance! We learn early on that Mateo isn’t British and since Mateo’s accent on the radio is fake it’s no wonder that people don’t recognize him in real life for his radio role. I really liked him as a character. He’s attractive and friendly and a little bit smug in his own self-worth as a dating partner, but not in an obnoxious way. He comes across as confident with women, making it a challenge for him to just be friends with Teague (a challenge he eventually loses).

Teague is also a great character, hard working and intelligent, but also a bit of a pleaser. By that I mean she sometimes has trouble sticking up for herself though she gets better over the course of the story, in particular where Mateo’s mom, a very driven woman, and Teague’s boss, is concerned. I liked how Teague interacted with other secondary characters in the story, whether it’s Briggs, a security guard or her best friend Harper. She comes across as a nice and friendly person.
This is a slow burn romance since Mateo is bound by his contract to date several women making it hard to date Teague as well and relegating her to the friend category. Once he’s met Teague, he’s not interested in getting into anything physical with other women, so even though he has a few dates lined up for the show, there isn’t any cheating in this story. Eventually, Mateo and Teague share some sexy scenes and realize that just being friends isn’t going to work anymore. I liked how the plot moves along and the choices they both have to make towards a happy ending that is a great fit for the story. There are some teasers involving what’s likely next in the series and I’m looking forward to reading more about this group of characters!


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