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This blog is named “Straight Shootin’ ” because we want it to be clear that we are not here to stroke egos and blow sunshine up your kiester.

Our goal is to share reviews and talk about books and authors that we love and connect with our readers.

So what do we like to read?  What will we review?  Read on…

Contemporary: Western, Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, MMA/Fighters,MCs , Menage (MMF only), Erotica, Historical, NA ,Lite BDSM is ok. PNR, M/M and Sci-Fi romance. 

Other things to know…

We love HEAs. Is it a series?

Our TBR is always huge.  So we will do our very best to figure out how your book will fit in.  If you have a timetable too, please let us know!  

We don’t make any $$ off of this.  No $$ will be traded for a positive review.  If books are from NetGalley, publisher or author that will be stated in the review.

We can be contacted at: straightshootinbookreviews at

All review requests must be submitted via the form below.

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  • Do you have a time frame in mind for the review? Any other other thoughts you'd like to share?