Review: Finding Christmas by Jeannie Moon

Review: Finding Christmas by Jeannie Moonby Jeannie Moon
Published on November 5, 2015
Published by Tule Publishing
Source: NetGalley

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Small town Holly Point wasn’t big enough to hold the dreams of golden girl Maggie Benson. So when she left at eighteen, she flew right through college and into the adrenaline-pumping life of a navy fighter pilot. But without warning, a devastating crash destroys the career she loves and sends her back to her overly protective family to heal. Maggie can’t imagine how she can reconnect with the woman she was until the hot local high school basketball coach steps up to show her the way.
Former NBA star Will Fitzgerald knows how an injury can derail more than a career. Still, he’s happy with his life as a teacher and coach at Holly Point High School, until his quiet life is upended by the beautiful, brilliant, and hurting Maggie. Blindsided by the intense attraction, Will wonders if pursuing the woman of his dreams will answer the question of what’s been missing in his life.
Can Maggie trust enough again to let Will past her wounds, inside and out, so that they can both find the Christmas magic they’ve been searching for?

Looking for a holiday read?  Well, look no further!!  I’ve often said that you simply cannot go wrong with Jeannie Moon.  Last year, I fell in love with her Forever Love series and then discovered Tule Publishing and their holiday series- Christmas in New York.  (Four books by four different authors all connected).  Moon’s This Christmas was wonderful and holds a very special place on my very short list of holiday reads.

Finding Christmas is set in the same town as last year’s This Christmas and we get to visit with a number of characters from the Christmas in New York series (yaa!).  On top of that, Moon introduces us to Maggie’s twin sisters and they are just begging for books to be written for them.

Maggie is a really incredible character and Moon has given us a unique military veteran character to love.  As the popularity of wounded warrior books has increased, readers have been educated about the struggles of mentally and physically affected veterans.  While I’ve read a few female veterans, this may be the second one that is dealing with a mental and physical issue.

As anyone who has had their body changed and or damaged in the way Maggie has, she is trying to figure out how to move forward in her life.  Before her injury she was an adrenaline junkie who loved being active and always on the move.  She has spent a great amount of time away from her family and is thrust into trying to figure out who she is now that she is not who her family is used to her being.  Not to mention, they want to take care of her and she does not want pity.

Enter Will Fitzgerald.  I love Ms. Moon’s leading men. They are always so… scrumptious with a liberal sprinkling of sexiness and alphaness.  So yeah.  Will and Maggie have a general knowledge of each other after being in the same town for a few years.  Will was a young teacher at Maggie’s school when she was senior.  So on top of Will being fantastic, he has a few years on Maggie.  Don’t mind me, I love that older man thing.  (Seriously, it’s like 10 years…maybe)

What he wanted was a partner.  Someone who wasn’t afraid of bumpy roads, but who welcomed life’s challenges.  Someone who didn’t keep score.  God knew, he wasn’t perfect, but he’d never believed love was about perfection.  Love was about embracing your partner’s imperfections, along with your with your own.

They immediately click with each other and Will has a way of taking care of Maggie without making her feel like an invalid.  He manages to break through her wall and she finally realizes that it’s ok to let someone in, especially someone like Will. Now, is it all sunshine and roses?  HECK NO. Maggie is stubborn. I’ll leave it at that.

Anyhoo, if you want a great holiday read, Finding Christmas is it.  Don’t forget to go back and catch up on the Christmas in New York series from last year.




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