Review: Enemies Like You by Joanna Chambers and Annika Martin

Review: Enemies Like You by Joanna Chambers and Annika Martinby Joanna Chambers and Annika Martin
Published on 15 May 2017
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They're dangerous men. Absolute enemies. And totally hot for each other.

Will has never met anyone like Kit. He’s arrogant. Gorgeous. Lethal. The most expensive bodyguard money can buy.

And Will can’t seem to resist him.

A simple command in Kit's cut-glass accent makes Will want things he’s never wanted, do things he’s never done. Their red-hot chemistry is off the charts.

Just one problem: Will has vowed to kill the billionaire that Kit is hell-bent on protecting.

And Kit has secrets, too—his own reasons for sacrificing his soul, piece by painful piece, to keep one of the worst men on earth alive.

Enemies Like You is a sexy suspenseful spy thriller collaboration between author duo Annika Martin and Joanna Chambers. The first part of the story was released free as a prequel with the same title, but it’s also included in the full novel.  If you didn’t pick it up you haven’t missed anything, and if you did (like me), you can fast forward to where the story continues.

Will is an American ex-special forces CIA operative on a personal vendetta that corresponds nicely with his handlers’ desires to rid the world of international arms dealer and all-around bad guy Sergei Polzin. It was a decision Polzin made that resulted in the death of several of Will’s comrades and he’s willing to sacrifice everything to bring him down. The last five professional hit men sent to assassinate Polzin died, so Will is under no illusion that it will be an easy task. The mystery surrounding their deaths is that no one knows who Polzin’s bodyguard is, and that’s the first step to getting past his defenses. Discovering what Polzin’s next social function will be, Will and his CIA handler have a plan in place to get Polzin alone. Will’s knows that the bodyguard must be somewhere in the room so he has his eyes open and he’s ready for action.

Kit has worked undercover as a bodyguard to Polzin for two years, all to eventually get his hands on papers that will prove once and for all why his parents were killed in an embassy bombing in Sudan. Raised by a family friend, Kit’s mom had been CIA, and his father part of British Intelligence, so he’s grown up in the life though he wishes he could devote his time to art. In another life before this one, he’d been a reclusive but sought after painter. Tall, blonde, beautiful – he is a master of disguise and is often underestimated by the assassins determined to bring Polzin down. But Kit won’t let that happen until he gets what he wants first. The tenacious American ends up in a compromising position with him that leads them to discover they have appetites for very compatible sexual encounters. But they are enemies with opposing goals, and no matter how strong the attraction is between them, neither is willing to lose sight of their objectives. At cross purposes, if one succeeds and the other fails, will they end up destroying any chance at a relationship?

What an exciting read! There are several plot twists and turns that I did not see coming (and that I don’t want to spoil in this review) but suffice it to say that it makes for an action packed story! And equally entertaining is the romance that blossoms between Will and Kit. At first, it’s a sex-only fling, the knowledge that they are on opposite sides fueling the secrecy and urgency of their interactions. They don’t forget that they are vulnerable to each other and that one could turn on the other quickly, yet it doesn’t stop them from their risky encounters. For Kit especially, if Polzin or his men were to find out that he’s engaging with the enemy it could ruin all his plans, and he still has to keep Polzin alive long enough to get what he wants which means keeping Will at bay.

The sex is not just hot, it’s also a key part of how Will and Kit relate to each other. Will is the more masculine of the two, but he’s the submissive in their somewhat kinky relationship and Kit holds the control. Getting on his knees for Kit gives Will the most pleasure he’s ever experienced in a relationship but in every other situation, he’s the alpha male with a protective side. His feelings for Kit are confusing, especially as he learns more about Kit’s past and they grow closer together. They come to a point where the decisions they make could spell the end of whatever it is they are building unless they can find a way to compromise and work together. I was totally invested in this sexy thriller and highly recommend it for lovers of romantic suspense who like heat, intensity, and surprises in their stories.