Kiss Me I’m Irish- Our favorite Irish Themed Romances 💋 🍀

I Only Have Eyes For You by Bella Andre

When thinking about Irish themed romances Jake and Sophie’s book from Bella Andre’s Sullivans series immediately jumped to my mind. The book features two of my favorite tropes, a friends-to-lovers romance, and an accidental pregnancy. In I Only Have Eyes For You the hero, Jake, runs McCann’s Irish Pubs and although there isn’t a ton of the pub actually in the book, Jake’s stubborn Irish attitude makes this book St. Patrick’s Day worthy for sure!

The O’Malleys series by Katee Robert

Ok so this isn’t just one book, it’s a series. But how could a possibly choose my favorite O’Malley? Teague is so loving and protective, Carrigan is so fierce and Cillian so…so…whew…so darn swoon-worthy Luckily for us readers the O’Malley’s series is going strong with Sloan’s book releasing in May and Aiden’s on deck after that. This series is everything we could want out of an Irish mafia romance; there is danger, greed and lots and lots of sexy times. Even if they are a tad on the dangerous side, you better believe I’d kiss any one of the O’Malley men.

Dark Witch by Nora Roberts

This County Mayo set, first in a series, every-so-slightly paranormal romance truly stirs up all the mysticism and legends Ireland. Iona is an American who arrives in Ireland without a definitive plan. When she finds her cousins and at a job and a local stable all seems to be coming together. However, her new boss, Boyle is just too much to resist! If you are looking for a true journey and glimpse into Ireland from an American perspective there isn’t a romance I’d recommend more than Dark Witch.




Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s that day when everyone likes to feel a little bit Irish, whether they can claim a family link to the country, are wearing green, or have plans to party it up with friends at an Irish pub. In keeping with the theme, here are a few of my favorite romances that have Irish characters and/or an Irish setting.  Here’s hoping you’ll find some lucky charms to add to your TBR!

Kate Meader’s Hot in Chicago series revolves around the Dempsey’s, an Irish firefighting family. Okay, some of the foster siblings might not have real Irish blood in them, but they’ve got the Dempsey name and that’s what counts. Plus, many scenes in the series revolve around the family’s Irish bar so clearly if anyone would be ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s day, it’s this family. My favorite story in the series is Playing with Fire, which is the story of Alexandra Dempsey, a female firefighter, and baby sister of the Dempsey foster brothers who saves the life of Eli Cooper, Chicago’s mayor. It’s an enemies to lovers tale and there are definite sparks that fly between this opposites attract couple!

The Fairy Tales of New York series is one written by four authors that stars women who were friends in boarding school before a scandal saw them going their separate ways, but who have remained friends as adults. The Sullivan family are main characters in three of the stories, and their Irish pub Sully’s is a prime meeting place. Pursued by the Rogue by Kelly Hunter stars Finnbar Sullivan, a classical musician (a first for me for a hero’s profession!) who falls for one of the young women, Dawn Turner, a friend of his sister Faith. This is an emotional and sexy story about a woman struggling with the implications of a possible genetic disease that could shorten her life and her reluctance to get involved with a man who wants a future with her. And in Seduced by the Baron by Amy Andrews, Faith Sullivan who is running Sully’s finds her match in Rafael Quartermaine, an Australian looking to market his craft beer in the United States. What should be a short term fun fling becomes more when neither is willing to call it quits. All four stories in the quartet are great.

It’s only fitting to showcase a couple of romances set in Ireland for this post though! First up is Unfixable by Tessa Bailey. Willa Peet (sister of Ginger Peet from Protecting What’s His, the first of Tessa’s Line of Duty series) has set off for Dublin Ireland, where she meets race car driver Shane Claymore. He’s broody and rude and downright surly when they first meet– but it’s not long before the sparks are flying between them. I loved seeing Willa find a man worthy of her.

Finally, we can’t have an Irish themed romance post without mentioning the Rugby series by Penny Reid and L.H.Cosway. Set in Ireland and starring the Irish National Rugby team, this series gets you down and dirty on and off the pitch with the sexy, arrogant and definitely flawed but lovable men who make up the team. My favorite to date is The Player and the Pixie. Sean Cassidy is an arrogant man with the reputation of being a player, but in fact is terrible in bed! Lucy Fitzpatrick, younger sister of his arch-enemy and teammate Ronan is the only one willing to tell him the truth to his face when they end up sleeping together. She offers to help him fix his problem and become an actually half-way decent lover in return for some favors of her own. It’s a hilarious romp, with lots of laugh out loud scenes and some emotional moments too.