ARC Review: The Perfect Hostage by Misty Evans

Published on April 21, 2014
Published by Edge, Entangled
Source: Entangled

Copy for review provided by Entangled in exchange for an honest review.

Lucie Morgan has finally found a man who doesn't care she's the daughter of a famous billionaire. All she needs is one weekend to convince him the crush she's had since he rescued her from a terrorist has grown into much more.

Sergeant John Quick has seen the worst in life, both personally and professionally. He long ago decided loving someone comes at too high a price. But when the woman of his dreams "kidnaps" him for a weekend affair with no strings attached, he can't resist.

The smoking-hot weekend turns deadly when John and Lucie are trapped during a blizzard and discover they're not alone. Someone from their past has come hunting for revenge. Now John must become the perfect hostage in order to save Lucie's life.

I’ve experienced a bit of a romantic suspense dry spell until very recently.  Entangled has a couple of imprints that have published a number of books that I have  had the pleasure of reading and now…reviewing, that have filled my Romantic Suspense void quite nicely.

The Perfect Hostage was a quick little novella that is “technically” part of the Super Agent series.  I have not read this series but I am putting it on my TBR list anyway.  I didn’t really feel like I was missing out on too much by not reading the other books, Ms. Evans fills in the blanks quite nicely.

This novella was chock full of humor and sexy…ness?  Lucie and John have a history, in that he assisted in rescuing her from being held hostage. So, she has quite a crush on John and she will do whatever she needs to do to get him to REALLY pay attention to her.  And by pay attention to her, I mean, naked attention.  So he gets invited to her family’s vacation house , with her family , who are less than excited to see him.  John, is rather rough around the edges you see and even he feels like he doesn’t really belong or deserve someone like Lucie who was raised in Paris and comes from a very different background than him.  Lucie has ideas of her own!

There were dreams of him in nothing but his cowboy boots pounding her against the bedroom wall.  Dreams of his strong arms holding her up as they had sweaty sex in the back of his truck.  In the shower.  On kitchen table-

Another throat-clearing from behind her interrupted her lascivious thoughts.  She blushed and John smiled for real.  Did he know what she’d been thinking?

Oh and John?  He has a drawl…which I just cannot resist.  “Where you goin’, darlin’?” Cue me melting into a puddle.

So in conclusion, we have sexy military/commando guy with a drawl who is badass with some issues where relationships are concerned.  We have Lucie who is determined to make John all hers and the complication of her family, a billion dollar inheritance and the danger that complicates what is supposed to be a hot weekend chock full of Lucie/John hot sex.  Works for me.




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