Review and Interview: Dangerous Territory by Emmy Curtis

Review and Interview: Dangerous Territory by Emmy CurtisPublished on August 5, 2014
Published by Forever
Source: NetGalley

Copy for review provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Flirting with danger is reporter Grace Grainger’s modus operandi. But she’s learned the hard way not to grow attached to the soldiers she’s embedded with in Afghanistan. To escape from her pain and loneliness, she fantasizes about the hot night she spent with a gorgeous stranger three years before in D.C. Grace never thought she’d see him again—let alone need him to rescue her . . .


Air Force Master Sergeant Josh Travers knows journalists are nothing but trouble. So when he has to risk his team’s lives to save some reporter who’s been separated from her patrol, he’s not happy—until he recognizes her stunning eyes and delicious curves. Josh has never wanted a woman like he wants Grace. He needs her—even in an Afghan cave with a sandstorm and enemy troops closing in. This might be the end for both of them—or one hell of a beginning.

So, lots of good news here.  New author and a new series in one of my favorite genres.  Military/Contemporary/Romantic Suspense and yes, I just made up that genre.  This little bit of novella goodness has it all and I’m so stinking excited for the next book, I can barely see straight.

This one checked all of my boxes, hot military guy (extra points for being a PJ), a strong, smart and confident heroine who did not back down.  She went after what she wanted, when she wanted it and did not apologize for any of it. Kudos to her.

I got wind of Ms. Curtis’s series in the early part of the summer and I waited with baited breath.  I realize that sometimes getting excited about a book and writer before you read anything by them can be a real crapshoot and frankly, I don’t do that very much anymore.  I do, however, follow my gut and most of the time, it’s right.  I was not disappointed by this first book by Ms. Curtis and it is so well written.  Clear, well worded and has some kickass sexy times.  Granted, in a cave in Afghanistan- so please remember to check your reality at the door.  In most books in this genre, you have to go into it with your suspension of disbelief engaged. And THAT’S OK, I’m cool with that.  I thoroughly enjoyed Josh and Grace, their chemistry was smokin’ and the conflict between them was realistic and understandable.  I also appreciated how neither one of them had to change who they were to make the other happy.

Ms. Curtis also laid the groundwork for the next book (full length) Over The Line by introducing us to the two main characters- Beth and James.  I’m ready to get my hands on that one!!


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Oh!  Look who popped in and answered some questions for us!! Josh 😉

This is Josh answering your questions. Grace says that as a reporter, she shouldn’t have to answer any interview questions. She insists that she “can’t be the story”. So she’s sitting here, with her own notebook open. I’m not sure if I should be worried about that.

1. What is your favorite word?

“Scramble.” When I hear that word, adrenaline starts pumping, and we immediately become a team, running in sync to the helo, flying as fast as we can to save lives.

2. What is your least favorite word?

“Scramble.” It means the worst possible thing has happened to a troop or local civilian. See how conflicting my professional life is?

3. What turns you on?

The lady in the corner over there, trying not to laugh at my discomfort even though I’m glaring at her. I’m not sure she takes my stern expressions seriously anymore. It’s sad.

4. What turns you off?

(Laughs) Not much these days. Life is too short. Way too short.

5. What sound do you love?

The sound of Chinook trying to wake us in the morning. A cross between panting, snuffling, and a little whining. It reminds me that I’m at home, safe, and with my family. When that’s the first thing you’re reminded of every morning, life is pretty sweet.

6. What sound do you hate?

The whoosh of a rocket propelled grenade. It’s actually a nice sound, like the launch of a firework, all soft as it flies. But there’s no sound that fills me with more dread. In related news, July 4th is not my favorite holiday.

7. What is your favorite curse word?

“Motherfucker” is the one I think the most. But out loud, it rarely gets worse than “shit”. Besides that, (points at Grace) she’s the one with the mouth that could make a sailor blush.

8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

Once you get through the brutal recruitment and training to be a Pararescuer there’s no other job you would ever consider doing. If you have the ability to fly into a hot warzone to save lives, without losing your shit, there’s no other job that can come close. We’re a tight team and we look after each other and each other’s families. There’s no way anyone could constantly go into harm’s way without knowing that if the worst happened their family would be looked after. We have a fund that helps look after the families of our fallen Pararescue brothers:

9. What profession would you not like to do?

Journalist. That’s all I’m saying.

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Relax, Josh. My name is God, and I will be your rescuer today.


About Emmy Curtis

Emmy Curtis is an editor and a romance writer. An ex-pat Brit, she quells her homesickness with Cadbury Flakes and Fray Bentos pies. She’s lived in London, Paris and New York, and has settled for the time being, in North Carolina. When not writing, Emmy loves to travel with her military husband and take long walks with their Lab. All things considered, her life is chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny. And if you get that reference…well, she already considers you kin.