ARC Review: Fighting to Forget by J.B. Salsbury

Published on April 15, 2014
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Every fighter is drawn to the violence, the release that a perfect hit can bring.

But very few are drawn to the pain.

Rex Carter lives behind a wall of indifference. The demons from his childhood act as an anesthetic, keeping him distant from emotional connections. Only the ache from a knock to the jaw, sting of a tattoo needles, or heat from a piercing, can jolt him back from the numbness. The fiery pain is all he can feel, and nothing compares to the burn.

Or so he thought.

Working in a Las Vegas bar isn't Georgia McIntyre's dream. But she hopes it'll be an end to the nightmare.

Over a decade she's watched him. Followed his career and kept tabs, all in preparation for this moment. To make amends, repair the wrong. But she didn't count on the feelings that seeing him again would stir up. The vacant look in his stormy-blue eyes, his perfect body now mutilated by ink and metal.

And she knows why. She's lived his pain, every single day, since the day he left.

Changed by time, Rex doesn't remember the girl from his past. If only she could do the same.
Will she get the absolution she's spent her life seeking?

Or will he continue, Fighting to Forget



A woman would have to be dead not to fall in love with Rex.  He’s gorgeous, polite, and tender in a way that isn’t found in most men.  His skin might be covered in tattoos, but even those can’t hide his beauty.  And he’s…pretty.  He always has been, and no amount of ink or metal can cover that up.

Of the 3 books in this series, this one is certainly the most intense and serious.  Mac/Georgia and Rex have a ridiculous amount of baggage from their childhoods to overcome.  This book, made me laugh, made me swoon and broke my heart.  Eventually, Ms. Salsbury put everything back together.  She is quite adept at taking the reader through the character’s life experiences and emotional journeys.

Rex is a badass with this huge vulnerability that cuts to so very deeply.  He is trying so very hard to move on from his past, he has been in therapy and knows what his triggers are and how to avoid them.  His feelings and urges where Mac/Georgia is concerned is one huge trigger.  I really appreciated that he is very careful with Mac and he wants to work through his issues in hopes of having a normal relationship.  Mac/Georgia, just wants to be a part of his life again.  I have to say that I question some of her choices where Rex is concerned but I’m not going to go into too much detail in order not to spoil.

I really enjoyed catching up with Raven/Jonah and Blake/Layla, it was nice having the whole gang together.  Ms. Salsbury weaves some VERY interesting details into this book and connects some dots that I did NOT see coming.  I have to say that I LOVED that!  I know I’m being all cryptic and it’s because I don’t want to spoil.

The momentum in this book is huge.  Shit starts happening and secrets get revealed and all I wanted to do was keep reading.  The weekend I read it, that Saturday, we had soccer game and a cookout to go to.  I read that book every single chance I got.  I may have even contemplated reading it on the way to the soccer game (which the Mr. hates when I read in the car and we are going across town or something….*eyeroll* whatever) and I read as fast as I could in the 30 mins I had in between the game and going to the cookout.  What did I think about at the cookout?  THE BOOK!  Must get back to the BOOK!

Sexytimes with Mac/Georgia and Rex are super hot and edgy.    Rex needs something different and Mac/Georgia is not afraid to give it to him.

“You may think I’m crazy, but I really like the way you are in bed. I like the way we are together.”  She runs a finger from my temple to my jaw.  “I wasn’t tolerating you, Rex.  I was enjoying you.”

How is that possible?  I don’t allow myself to go down that road and instead choose to concentrate on the meaning behind her words.

I’m wounded, not old wounds that have healed and left scars, but gaping gashes of blood and tissue.  And she doesn’t care.  Not only does she not care but she gets me.

Ms. Salsbury continues to push the envelope with this series.  She continues to write interesting characters that are not cookie cutter characters at all.  I really like how she introduces a character in a book and develops that character slowly here and there and THEN gives them their own book.  Even after that character’s book, we get to catch up with them and know what’s up with them.  I love that!!




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About J.B. Salsbury

New York Times bestselling author JB Salsbury spends her days lost in a world of budding romance and impossible obstacles. Her love of good storytelling led her to earn a degree in Media Communications. Since 2013 she has published six bestselling novels in The Fighting Series and won a RONE Award. JB Salsbury lives with her husband and two kids in Phoenix, Arizona.