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Published on May 18, 2014
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She lied to me... 

She betrayed the one rule that I'm most adamant about: Honesty. Complete and utter fucking honesty .

I really wish she was someone else—someone who didn't have the ability to make me feel, someone I could easily discard like the hundreds of women before her. 

She isn't. 

I'm drawn to her like I've never been drawn to a woman before—completely captivated by the very sight of her. But unfortunately, with my past slowly re-surfacing for all of the world to see, I'll have to find a way to let her go.

She can never be mine.

Holy crap on a cracker that was HOT.

This was a short, hot and emotional read.  As for Andrew, I still want to slap him…. a lot of the time.  He is such a dick.  Although, we learn that Andrew comes by his baggage somewhat honestly and we begin to discover …sort of, in a sad way.

Ms. Williams begins to peel back more of the layers that make up the VERY complex Andrew Hamilton and as much as I’d like to pull back that curtain, I have no plans to spoil anyone.  This book is best read when you know nothing about what will happen. I will say that Aubrey is starting to chip away at Andrew’s hard shell, by just being herself.  She really does not want to be a slave to her desire for Andrew but she just can’t seem to stop caring about him:

Andrew was the epitome of what it means to be an asshole, a shining example of what that word stood for, but no matter how pissed I was, I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about him.

Aside from the physical pull that Andrew and Aubrey have for each other, I feel like there is more there than just the sex.  If Andrew can just work through his issues and let Aubrey in for real, I think we will see a whole other side of him.  I have faith that Ms. Williams will give us all of that and I cannot wait.

*Ahem* Steps up on soapbox. (And I’m probably preaching to the choir)

People….give authors a break.  One thing I have learned while blogging in the past year?  DO NOT ask an author when the next book is coming out the moment you finish the current book.  I totally get that you’re excited for the next one, I do and I have to hold myself back from doing that same thing.  ALSO, DO NOT HARASS authors about release dates.  Stop.   Ms. Williams was bombarded and in my opinion, HARASSED about the release date for this book and it really pissed me off.  Did this book get released later than originally thought?  Yes, but you know what…. SHIT HAPPENS.  Life happens, muses leave, editors get backed up, kids get sick, computers go kaplooey.  There are any number of reasons that a book can be delayed.  You need to calm the fuck down and give an author room to breathe.

RD2 was worth the wait- for me.  The serial aspect of this book works for me and I don’t feel short changed by the length or that it ends in a kind of cliffhanger (I really can’t call it a cliffhanger, it just feels like…the end of story with more to come).  You may feel different.  The sexiness, the snark and the mystery of Andrew Hamilton all work for me.

“You know, it’s rude to just leave someone after sex without saying anything,”  I muttered.

“What?”  His hand was on the doorknob.


“What did you say?”  He cocked his head to the side.   “I’m not a mind reader.”

“I said it’s rude to just leave after you fuck me.  You could at least say something, anything.”

“I don’t do pillow talk.”

“It’s not pillow talk.” I scoffed.  “It’s part of being a gentleman.”

“I never said I was a gentleman.”





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About Whitney G.

A self diagnosed candy addict, travel junkie, and hypochondriac, Whitney Gracia Williams LOVES to write about characters that make you laugh, cry, and want to (in the case of Selena Ross) reach through your Kindle and slap them.

She is the “imaginary bestselling” author of the Jilted Bride Series, Mid Life Love, Wasted Love, and Captain of My Soul.

  • Michele S

    I loved this book! Andrew is such an asshole, but I still can’t help myself from loving him. I don’t really know what that says about me…..lol.
    As far as you and your soapbox goes—you go girl! You’re totally right. Shit happens and life doesn’t always go as planned. People need to chill the hell out!